ZAUM xs 2016

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2015’s Featured Artist

Madelyne Joan Templeton


Summer, 2014

2015’s Featured Poet

Jeron Jennings

Midnight, When The World Ends

as the world ends
I finally found some empty space.
and I know what I’ll keep there.

I hear explosions out
in the dark, but I’m not

In my four wall compartment
with the blinds tightly shut
I can’t see the endless strip
of streetlamps slip away
and the world turn
to hollow shadow.

And the collapsing earth
can’t see me
to the voices I’ve preserved,
toasting with Scotch
over rocks, slowly
to nothing. Cheers,
to my last night on earth.

Don’t panic, I’ll sing anew
every stone and supernovae
like the singularity,
like the synthesis of all time.

And when I hear
the voices
tell me

I’ll die. Like everything
else. But long live the voices.

Long live the rocks.


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